Musk  – a classic in the perfume world

Musk has been considered an aphrodisiac for thousands of years and is a classic in the world of perfume. Its aroma is unique and unmistakable with its light woody note coupled with a touch of freshness. Musk is known for its erotic, seductive note, thus increasing attractiveness and appeal. Its structural similarity to sexual lures (pheromones) means that musk is perceived as erotic.

Do you know the musk deer?

Actually it doesn’t look like a deer, instead it is an animal rather like a gazelle with two long, white teeth almost like horns. Musk animals live in the mountains from Kashmir and Tibet to southern Siberia and Korea. The peculiarity of the musk male is his walnut-sized gland which produces the coveted raw lure of musk, the legendary elixir of perfume. The purpose of the gland, or the scent of the gland, is to attract the female. Unfortunately this characteristic of the musk deer sealed its fate. In earlier times obtaining musk involved the removal and desiccation of this gland (weighing about 30 g). For this reason at least 4 types of musk deer are now in danger of extinction. Luckily, today the animal is protected.

In Medieval times musk was considered a universal remedy for all kinds of complaints. It was even believed that musk could protect against plague. The crusaders finally brought musk to Europe. Another interesting fact: Marco Polo was said to have used musk as a means of payment because it was incredibly valuable.

Today musk is produced synthetically. Musk has the capacity to vitalise, harmonise and round off a perfume. Its fragrance combines an animalistic, seductive accord with a penetrating sweet note lending human warmth and security. Musk is unique, erotic, captivating!

We hope you enjoy discovering the musk fragrances of the Musk Collection – The Art of Swiss Perfume.