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Fredy Götti

General Manager

Jasmine Fuchs


Beatrice Fuchs


Gabriela Schläpfer

Sales Force

Janine Fuchs

Marketing & Sales


Musk Collection

social responsibility


We have been working together with the Foundation BALM for many years, and now also with the Foundation BSZ. People with a wide range of disabilities do valuable work for us there.



The folding boxes are disposed of with the old cardboard. The flacons belong in the waste glass. This means that these materials can be recycled. The body care products come without packaging. This results in less waste.

Wherever possible, we try to transport our products in an environmentally friendly way. Our logistics partner BT-Swiss has lorries that are powered by solar energy (from our own roof). Employees are sensitised to environmental issues. The aim is to transport products in a CO2-reduced manner.


More Information about us

Musk Collection Switzerland

MUSK COLLECTION offers you high-quality products at reasonable prices since 1993. Valuable ingredients and the classic design make our products unique. Every product is Made in Switzerland – produced according to the high Swiss quality standards.

BLACK MUSK & WHITE MUSK, our very first and classic fragrances, have had a face-lift in the past to meet the requirements of today. GLAMOUR and ORIENTAL NIGHT were added to the perfume collection as well as SLEDGEHAMMER our first fragrance for men. We just launched the new perfume for women: DAYDREAM. The development of new perfumes is in process in order to keep growing our fragrance collection.

Enjoy discovering  Musk Collection – The Art of Swiss Perfume !