Oriental Night - the new fragrance

Oriental Night - a truly enchanting perfume with an oriental bouquet for “A Thousand and One Nights”.


15 ml / 50 ml / 100 ml

Oriental Night, the latest fragrance for women from the MUSK Collection, is a truly enchanting perfume.

The oriental bouquet with its deliciously sweet notes of vanilla, jasmine, patchouli, cedar wood and coffee give this perfume its unique character. Oriental Night creates an ambience of energy and carries you away to a sensually surprising oriental night. This perfume is guaranteed to attract attention.


Top notes:    mandarin, pink pepper and pear.

Heart notes: jasmine, orange blossom and lily. 

Foot notes:   cedar wood, patchouli, vanilla and coffee.

The history


Since time immemorial we have been fascinated by the culture of the Orient. Certainly everyone has at some time heard a tale from “A Thousand and One Nights” and felt the mystery and mysticism of the Orient. The stories are familiar all over the world and are considered a symbol of the Oriental art of storytelling. When we listen we can see the colourful fabrics and smell the aromatic spices, and then there is that idyllic desert landscape  -  a myriad of impressions stimulate our senses. The fairytales from 1001 Nights are an integral part of world literature. There was never an original storyteller – but rather a thousand and one different ones. Tell your own story with Oriental Night.


The perfume


Oriental scents are recognisable by their intense, expressive and lingering components. They convey a protective warmth and engender a feeling of well-being in the wearer – and in those who come close enough to appreciate them. They awake in us a longing to meander through an Eastern spice market - so powerful is the effect of Oriental scents. Like an extraordinary dream from 1001 Nights, Oriental Night interprets this magical mood. Oriental Night will take you on a sensually enchanting nocturnal journey to the East.